Lucas & Steve - Letters to Remember

16 Tracks voller Herzblut und Leidenschaft erwarten euch auf dem Debut Album von Lucas & Steve - Letters to Remember!

Endlich veröffentlichen Lucas & Steve ihr lang erwartetes Album!
Durch ihr Reportoire und Sommerhits wie "Summer On You", "Up Till Dawn", "Where Have You Gone" oder "Perfect" sammelte das Duo mehr als 1 Milliarde Streams!
Auf dem Album sollen vorwiegend pop-orientierten Tracks erscheinen. 
Hört hier gleich in den Main Track "I Want It All" rein!

16 songs, all of which we’ve poured our heart and soul into over the past year, while working alongside some of the most talented singer/songwriters we’re lucky to call friends. Big thank you to our family, friends, team, label and everyone else who played a part in making this whole project possible, but also all of the streaming portals and radio stations helping us get the album to our biggest inspiration all along: YOU! Your support means the world to us and we hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it. Go listen now, take care and keep in touch. 🧡
Lucas & Steve

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  • Tracklist

    Lucas & Steve - Letters to Remember

    1. Letters
    2. I Want It All
    3. Wait For Life
    4. Where Have You Gone (Anywhere)
    5. Magnets (feat. Ciara Mae)
    6. Perfect (feat. Haris)
    7. When You’re Alone (feat. Kiesza)
    8. Glory (feat. Laura White)
    9. Another Life (feat. Alida)
    10. All Cried Out
    11. Long Way Home
    12. Don’t Let Me Down
    13. Help Me Remember (feat. Dyson)
    14. When I’m Down (feat. Aron Blom)
    15. Comes Your Way (Inception)
    16. Won’t Fall In Love

Lucas & Steve - I Want It All (Official Music Video)

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