Don Diablo - forever
Don Diablo - forever
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Don Diablo | FORΞVΞR

Nach monatelangen Spekulationen hat der niederländische Visionär Don Diablo sein mit Spannung erwartetes Album „FORΞVΞR“ veröffentlicht. Checkt hier alle Infos!

Ein zutiefst persönliches Spiegelbild

FORΞVΞR kommt mit 21-Tracks, in denen Don geschickt zwischen Genres und Klangwelten wechselt, um seine Hörer auf eine akustische Reise in die Zukunft mitzunehmen, die seine Vergangenheit und Gegenwart umfasst. Wie so oft bietet das Album eine Vielzahl von Kollaborationen mit internationalen Stars wie Emeli Sandé, Galantis, Gucci Mane, Zak Abel, Andy Grammer und Ty Dolla $ign und bietet auch aufstrebenden Acts wie Au/Ra oder AR/CO & Freak Fantastique eine Plattform.

After my last album "FUTURE" I started working on the new album straight away. I also decided to do an album tour before the new album release this time so I could test out the new music in Tokyo, London, Milan, Paris and New York. After these shows I went back into the studio to put the finishing touches to the music when we suddenly went into a worldwide pandemic. The world changed and along with it my mind state. I decided to take my time and go back to the drawing table straight away. For the first time in a long time I had more time than ever to reflect and experiment. I was able to create without any outside pressure and put some of my most personal thoughts, feelings and emotions into my music. Every song on the final album now has its own unique story and place in my heart. I tried to maintain my trademark sound as a producer whilst showcasing a more mature side of myself as a musician. Almost two years later than planned, but here we are...I am excited to finally share "FORΞVΞR" with the world!
Don Diablo

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  • Tracklist
    Don Diablo - forever
    Don Diablo - forever

    Don Diablo | FORΞVΞR

    1. FORΞVΞR ft. Camp Kubrick
    2. Stay Awake with Freak Fantastique
    3. Sail Away ft. Au/Ra
    4. Tears For Later with Galantis
    5. Good Time
    6. Make a change ft. KONG.
    7. Too Much To Ask ft. Ty Dolla $ign
    8. Survive ft. Emili Sandé & Gucci Mane
    9. Hot Air Balloon with AR/CO
    10. From The Deep with Enigma
    11. Invisible
    12. Beautiful Feeling
    13. Bad ft. Zak Abel
    14. Problems with JLV ft. John K
    15. High Low
    16. Kill Me Better with Imanbek ft. Trevor Daniel
    17. Into The Unknown
    18. Through The Storm ft. Jordan Mackampa
    19. Thousand Faces ft. Andy Grammer
    20. INFINITΞ FUTURΞ (Interlude)
    21. RACΞ (Welcome to HΞXAGONIA)

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Don Diablo & Galantis - Tears For Later | Official Music Video

Don Diablo & Galantis - Tears For Later | Official Music Video
Don Diablo & Galantis - Tears For Later | Official Music Video
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