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DJs Afterwork
Mo-Fr 16-19h
Mo 19-21h
Carl Cox Global auf sunshine live
Mo 21-23h
Welcome to the Club
Di 19-23h
Hardwell on Air
Di 23-00h
Karottes Kitchen
Mi 19-21h
Felix Kröcher
Mi 21-23h
The Pressurehead
Mi 23-00h
Vonyc Sessions
Do 19-21h
1. Do/Monat 21-23h
Blank & Jones auf sunshine live
2. Do/Monat 21-23h
Hildegard meets music
3. Do/Monat 21-23h
Punx up the Volume
4. Do/Monat 21-23h
Thunderpussy's Thursday
5. Do/Monat 21-23h
Corsten's Countdown
Do 23-24h
Fr 00-01h

Special Squad
Fr 19-22h
Local Heroes
So 16-18h
Tiesto's Club Life
So 22-00h
A State of Trance
Fr 22-0h
So 18-19h
Sa 9-13h
Sixty Sessions
So 19-20h
Warm Up
Sa 19-0h
So 20-22h

Album der Woche

Future Trance 73 Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance at Ushuaia, Ibiza 2015 Paul Kalkbrenner „7“ Club Sounds Vol. 74 Nature One 2015 – Stay As You Are The Chemical Brothers - Born in the Echoes Dream Dance Vol.76

Aktuelle Playlist

: Uhr
  • 05.09. 04:48 Uhr
    Desire ...
    Years & Years
    overnight Michael Goldsworthy, Em
  • 05.09. 04:52 Uhr
    Sam Paganini
    overnight Sam Paganini
  • 05.09. 04:56 Uhr
    Fade Out Lines
    The Avener
  • 05.09. 05:02 Uhr
    Who I Am
    Benny Benassi & Marc Benjamin ft. Christian Burns
    overnight Marco Benassi, Marc Ben
    Ultra Records
  • 05.09. 05:05 Uhr
    Raven ...
    John Dahlback
    overnight John Dahlback
    Armada Music