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Wer ist der DJ hinter dem Erfolgstrack Shadow?

Wer ist der DJ hinter dem Erfolgstrack Shadow?

Das erste Interview mit Triplo Max

Über 1 Million Shazams und niemand weiß, wer wirklich hinter dem Künstler Triplo Max steckt.

Der Song Shadow stürmt die osteuropäischen Charts. Platz 1 in der Türkei, Rumänien, Polen, Russland und Weißrussland. Der Track erreicht binnen weniger Tage über 1 Million Shazams  und niemand weiß, wer wirklich hinter dem Künstler Triplo Max steckt.

Wir sind die ersten, die Triplo Max interviewen durften. Das Projekt ist Top Secret, weswegen es weder Fotos noch Stimmen gibt. Aber der gute alte Stift tut es noch und so ein bisschen was haben wir rausbekommen. Weiter unten könnt Ihr den Erfolgstrack auch hören.

We want to know where you guys are from? (Just to give us a clue: tell us what your country is famous for)
Triplo Max is from Romania. Romania is famous in the music industry through artists such as Inna, Alexandra Stan, Ozone, Edward Maya and also for beautiful ladies.
What is behind the synonym Triplo Max – any chance it involves the magical number three ;)
The name Triplo comes from the three-member team: Evangelos Siakas (the producer), Ovidiu Goja (the manager), Triplo Max (Artist/ Dj) and Max comes from the fact that we want to take this project to its maximum potential.
Why don’t we see any faces behind Triplo Max? Why so mysterious?
We had a mask concept that we liked very much and which you will see very soon. We want to create a new character in the international music industry and we also wanted to make it a bit mysterious.
What aim do you want to reach?
My goal is to see people have fun at my concerts and to give the listeners a new vibe. I really wish Triplo Max becomes a high level international project.
Mashmello has a big marshmello head on stage – Deadmau5 is represented by a giant mouse head. What can we expect from you?
Triplo Max has a giant fruit head. We wanted to create a funny character but also to be different. We want to keep you on the edge of your seats until you see what fruit this is about.
Do you have a picture for us?
Very soon..
(Sobald wir ein Bild bekommen, zeigen wir es Euch genau hier.)

 Tell us the story behind Shadow, we love the track btw.  
Shadow is a combination between Deep House and Trap. The producer wanted to combine these two styles because they are his favourite and he also wanted to bring something new on the market.
When can expect more stuff from you guys?
Right now we want Shadow to spread through as many territories as possible and we are working very hard on it. Shadow is already on the radio in over 20 countries and it reached No. 1 in 4 countries (Russia, Belarus, Poland and Turkey). We are preparing the music video for Shadow and we can’t wait for you to see it. At the moment we are working on the next single.
Are we might going to see you on some festivals this year? And if yes – any hints?  
Like any Dj I want to play my music at festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra, Untold, etc. I am happy that many concert requests started appearing and I will go on my first tour in Europe.
Shadow läuft bereits bei sunshine live. Wer nicht warten kann, checkt den Track jetzt unten im Video. Außerdem läuft der Hit bereits in unseren Channels New Music und gamescomFM:

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